Does NooCube Work? Here’s What You Should Know

Brain Pills

In a world where competition is so intense as to create huge pressure and high levels of stress for many, how do you stay ahead of the rat race? Whether it is academics or your career, a little help in enhancing your performance can certainly go a long way. Little wonder then that so many people are turning to dietary supplements to boost mental performance and memory.

One of the highest quality Nootropics is Noocube, which has received positive reviews from customers.Manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, this brain supplement claims to significantly improve focus, memory, learning ability and mental energy. However, before using any such pills, make sure you check out the unbiased and objective reviews on Top Brain Enhancement, to make an informed decision.NooCube


Noocube is made with all natural ingredients, such as:

  • Alpha GPC: This ingredient has been found to be extremely useful in sharpening focus and improving alertness. It raises the availability of chlorine in the brain, which increases acetylcholine synthesis. Acetylcholine is an important component of the brain cells and is crucial for cell signaling.
  • Huperzine Serrate: Also known as Chinese clubmoss, this is a plant native to India and Southeast Asia. It inhibits the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, which negatively impacts acetylcholine, after passing between neurons. Higher acetylcholine levels translate into more brain power.
  • Bacopa monnieri: This is considered one of the best memory enhancers. It is an Indian herb that has been used for centuries to improve cognitive performance. It has been found to be particularly effective for older people with mild cognitive impairment.
  • L Tyrosine: This is a natural anxiolytic and can improve focus during periods of immense physical and mental stress. It has also been found to improve focus among people who are sleep deprived, exposed to loud noises, or in the extreme cold.
  • Cat’s claw: This is a vine found in the rain forests of the Amazon. It is believed to have neuro-protective properties and improve brain performance.
  • Oat Straw: Studies have revealed that the straw extract from wild oats can improve cognitive performance.

Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dose is two pills of Noocube daily, with breakfast. You should drink plenty of water throughout the day when using this supplement.

In milder doses, Noocube does not have any side effects, although for heavier doses, some users have reported an upset stomach. The supplement is not advised for people below 18 years of age. It is also not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers or those expecting to be pregnant soon.

How Does it Work?

Noocube boosts neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Glutamate and Serotonin, which all help with positive thoughts and emotions. Some ingredients are known to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which helps improve cognitive functioning and overall health of the brain.

Noocube is among the highest quality nootropics, having received mostly positive reviews from its users.