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Another adult brain supplement on this review site is BrainPill, which is so remarkably named that it simply stuck. This brain pill boasts of the tagline “Your unfair advantage,” which emphasizes its core brand promise of providing razor-sharp brain capacity and protective benefits against loss of memory. Now, what the formula brings to the table is the so-called Synapsa Natural Memory Support complex for memory enhancement, better information processing, and just overall improved intellectual capacity. Cognizin, another proprietary component, is a nutrient-obtained ingredient for increasing the level of several neurotransmitters.


BrainPill is created by Leading Edge Health, which is headquartered in the United States in Elizabethton, TN. This Canadian company claims to have over two decades of experience in producing natural products that “improve lives,” such as GenF20 Plus and the Skinception line of skincare products. According to this manufacturer, it has gone to great lengths to procure the best, most stable, consistent ingredients of any brain support pill found on the market – the judgment, of course, is left to the discerning users.


Each ingredient in BrainPill is deemed to have unique uses and chosen for its synergistic power when working with others. Among the major components are Citicoline – Cognizin® , a water-soluble compound found in every cell in the body for brain nutrition, and Bacopa monnieri – Synapsa, a patented and standardized extract of bacopa monnieri aimed at enhancing cognitive function and mental performance.

Other ingredients in this formulation include Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, Ginkgo Biloba, Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5, and other nutrients such as Vitamins B6, B9, and B12. Obtained from black pepper, BioPerine is also incorporated in the pill for encouraging synergistic action in the ingredients.


BrainPill is admittedly among the few supplements in the brain enhancement market that seems to adhere to and deliver its promises in optimal time. It targets, for instance, the increase of mental acuity, focus, and stamina, operating on the belief that people really tend to run out of mental energy from time to time because of daily life requirements.

In our product trial, it became evident that the pill is able to help enhance different mental functions – as well as their effects on physical energy and wellness – in a quick, straightforward fashion and without glaring adverse effects. Personal energy notably climbed steps higher, with memory and mental clarity improvements that may be seen even in the most physically taxing days.


BrainPill is relatively affordable at $76.99 for a one-month bottle supply, with well-promoted bulk purchase discounts on the website. The savings are rather pronounced but then, of course, it has to be remembered that the steady stream of customers are a major plus for the supplement makers as well – especially in this highly saturated niche.


BrainPill has a list of pros that squarely beat its cons, including good product recall and market presence, extensive body of cited scientific studies, solid ingredient base, and savings from bulk purchases. It is hard to look past the relative lack of customer testimonials, but BrainPill also enjoys expert endorsements. Overall, BrainPill could be worth one’s while as one’s foray in the nootropic supplement field. The benefits largely vary from one individual to another (as in the case of other brain pills), but it fared well in different reviews and product tests.