Neuro PS

Overall Rating: 70.9%

Neuro PS

Imagine boosting brain power by popping an organic pill? It may sound too far-fetched but it’s true. One such formulation is Neuro PS (Phosphatidylserine). The therapeutic agent designed to combat memory deficit disorders, sharpen minds and optimise brain health is rated highly by students, professionals and baby boomers alike.

Supercharge Your Cognitive Function with Neuro PS

NeuroPS is manufactured in the USA by Puritan’s Pride, a well-known brand for providing a range of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Stacked with specific ingredients critical to optimal brain function, Neuro PS offers noticeable cognitive benefits. The unique combination of essential nutrients helps in improving focus, elevating energy levels and fighting age-related mental decline. Further, it assists in restoring phosphatidylserine (PS) levels that deplete in people of advancing years. The bottled formula contains a month supply of easy-to-swallow softgels.

Ingredients in NeuroPS

Puritans Pride Neuro-PS contains an array of useful nutrients that work together to replenish PS levels and enhance the overall mental performance of users. The reason this smart pill has positive customer reviews is due to the high-quality ingredients. Here’s a quick view of the important ones:

Phospholipid Complex: Extracted from soy, this natural component has proven to be helpful in controlling neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It also is noted for improving memory, learning capacity and overall brain function.

Ginkgo Biloba: This is another valuable addition that is believed to boost cognitive function by improving blood flow and repairing damage to the brain caused by free radicals.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Including this in the supplement is a big plus. The amino acid is known to pep up energy and heighten levels of focus and concentration.

Vinpocetine: Derived from the periwinkle flower, vinpocetine is considered to be effective in improving memory, increasing mental clarity and protecting the brain from degeneration.

Apart from the above, the formulation also has DHA, gelatin, gotu kola extract, soybean oil, centella asiatica, vegetable glycerin and choline bitartrate.

Dosage & Side Effects

NeuroPS is to be taken as a dietary supplement. The recommended dosage is one softgel capsule three times a day, preferably at meal times. The formula is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and people below 18 years.  Individuals with underlying health conditions or under medication are advised to confer with a doctor before using the brain enhancer.

The oral supplement is well tolerated and considered safe to ingest.  No dangerous side effects linked to the product have surfaced. The rare possibility of a digestive upset, gastrointestinal disturbance, restlessness, flatulence or insomnia, nevertheless cannot be ruled out.

Does It Work?

Puritan’s Pride says Neuro-PS is a natural concoction of superior quality and potency ingredients for increasing retention rates and maximizing mental capabilities. The American company complies with the highest standards of excellence and incorporates nutrients that are tested rigorously for safety and efficacy prior to manufacturing. However, there is limited scientific evidence to substantiate these statements.

Unlike medicine, dietary supplements are not stringently controlled by a regulatory body, hence it’s vital to ensure they are beneficial, safe and of the finest quality. While, Neuro-PS has gained popularity as a promising brain enhancer, adequate research, and clinical analyses to back these proclamations are lacking. The customer reviews, feedback and testimonials of the product are optimistic. All in all, Neuro PS comes across as a good, pocket-friendly formulation with no worrying side effects to supercharge your cognitive function.