Nootropic supplements are those which helps in functions relating to memory and other related activities such as acquiring knowledge, understanding through experience or exercise etc. There are various ingredients in this supplement which do boost the memory along with the cognitive functions. BrainStack is a brain health supplement from Maven’s lab and it improves memory, focus and concentration. Customer reviews also indicate that it helps improve quality of sleep and develop better comprehending abilities.

Ingredients in BrainStack

There are various ingredients in this brain health supplement which help improve memory, focus and concentration in different ways.

Caffeine Anhydrous: It is a stimulator to the central nervous system. It is also used in order to increase the level of alertness along with other cognitive functions.

Vitamin B6: This is mainly related to energy levels in the body. It boosts the energy level and thus, helps in the regulation of the blood flow. It also helps in enhancing memory ability.

Alpha GBC: It is related to the improvement of motor skills and their coordination.

L-Theanine: This amino acid has a relaxing effect on the body and thus decreases the level of stress.

Magnesium Glycinate: It helps in mood balancing. In the treatment of fatigue, Magnesium Glycinate is also used.

GABA: This is a neurotransmitter. It improves the level of concentration by decreasing anxiety level and stress. It has a calm effect on the brain.

Dosage & Side Effects

The dosage of this brain health supplement is taking two capsules per day. However, it is advisable that, in the beginning, the dosage should be kept lower and then build up. Not more than three or four capsules should be taken per day.

There are no side effects of this memory supplement. Since it contains a number of ingredients, there could be minor side effects, but these wear off in time.

If you are under any type of medication which does alter the cognitive functions, then you shouldn’t take this capsule.

Does It Work?

Customer reviews indicate several advantages of these memory supplement capsules. The benefits include:

Enhances Cognitive Abilities

It doesn’t take much time to realize the potential of this memory supplements. Whether you are at the office doing some stressful work or you are studying for an exam, taking these capsules can make your mind concentrate on a different level. The motivation to work harder and self-driving forces are one of the key benefits of taking this memory capsules.

Boosts Memory

The supplement also helps in recalling past events much faster. Hence, the ability of you to recall any activities or events will increase as the whole process becomes faster thus enhancing the memory.

Balancing Mood and Energy

There are various ingredients in the supplement which have a calm effect and reduces stress. Hence, you’ll have a more stable mood and thus you’ll be able to concentrate better.

Regenerating Neurons

It also helps in nerve repair and overall growth of the nervous system. As a result, it reduces the loss of memory in old ages which does occur very often.

For cognitive abilities like learning and understanding, this brain health supplement can help a great deal. BrainStack enhances memory and other functions in a way that will help you in various day-to-day activities. You can read customer reviews before trying it out.