Magnesium is known to play a vital role in the well-being of the human body, especially the brain. Magnesium helps regulate neurotransmitters which send messages from brain to nervous system, boosts exercising performance, helps fight depression, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and helps prevent migraines. However, getting enough magnesium through a healthy diet isn’t possible.

MagMind is a form of magnesium that is shown, by research, to cross the blood-brain barrier and improve cognitive, memory, and brain performance. Jarrow Formulas developed MagMind, a smart pill that has unique cognitive performance promoting properties.

The customer reviews highlight the key benefits of this brain & memory supplement. Here are some reasons for its rising popularity:

  • It is the only form of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier to provide definitive advantages to brain performance.
  • It contains 2 grams of Magtein in every serving. Magtein is the only form of magnesium that can effectively improve brain health.
  • Magtein is known to support short- and long-term memory
  • Supports cognition and is a potent brain & memory supplement
  • Increases levels of magnesium in the brain for significantly improved performance, encourages learning and working memory, while improving focus, concentration, sleep quality and cognitive performance. It also promotes relaxation.
  • Suitable for students, professionals, athletes, and seniors.
  • The tablets are gluten-free, soybean-free, and contains no wheat, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, or peanuts/tree nuts.

Ingredients in MagMind

The main ingredient in Jarrow Formulas’ MagMind is Magnesium L-threonate. This is a bioavailable form of magnesium that, when consumed, increases magnesium levels in the brain and body. An improved level of magnesium enhances brain health and supports cognition.

  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable source)
  • Cellulose
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Bovine gelatine

Dosage & Side Effects

The suggested dosage of MagMind is consuming three tablets in a day. With or without meals, two capsules have to be taken in the morning and 1 in the later part of the day, or as directed by your physician.

Please consult your physician before starting the consumption of these tablets if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, taking medications, or under the age of 18.

The team of developers of MagMind refers to it as “a breakthrough super-mineral.” A lot of people face magnesium deficiency, due to various reasons. The main ingredient of this smart pill is magnesium. There are no possible side-effects of taking Magtein supplements if taken according to the prescribed dosage. No customer reviews so far have reported any side-effects from these tablets.

Does It Work?

There is nothing wrong about trying a smart pill. A pill like this can significantly improve brain function while keeping you focused and motivated to participate in your daily tasks actively. Having severe magnesium deficiency is not very common, but a lot of people around the world suffer from this deficiency. Also, as people age, they might face short or long term memory loss.

Taking MagMind has no possible side-effects. And therefore, it might just be the right pill for you, to help you improve your brain function and memory, while keeping your brain healthier for longer.